student microgreens kit

K-12 STEM Student Microgreen Kit – Single

FTF’s K-12 STEM Microgreens Kit is perfect as a take home or in class project. These kits are typically bundled with one of our Table Top Living Labs for students to be able to apply their in-class learning at home. However, these are great stand-alone projects for enrichment, camps, homeschool, or afterschool. Engaging for any k-12 student or adult, one kit provides everything needed to grow hydroponic microgreens. Question, hypothesize, test, analyze, and then eat! All of Farming The Futures growing experiments are edible.   


Lesson Details:

*We recommend using this product link to purchase the kit for quantities of 1-20. If looking for a classroom bundle please choose our “K-12 Student Microgreen Kit – Classroom set” for bundles of 30 kits with a bulk discount applied.
Radish Seeds
Spray Bottle
Soil Pellets