Full Year School Garden Science Program

Farming the Future’s garden kits and curriculum include everything you need to turn any 10’x10’ space into an outdoor classroom! Our systems are successful regardless of the underlying soil — it can even be placed directly on paved surfaces! The kit can be used as a standalone garden or as part of a larger existing school garden. Plus, YOU choose a time that works around YOUR busy schedule for our one-on-one session.


Lesson Details:

Our 10’x10’ garden kit includes:

  • Caterpillar-style raised garden beds and a rainwater irrigation system.
  • A 32 week enrichment curriculum that integrates NGSS for 6-8 grade (K-2 also available).
  • Instructional videos with garden set-up and planting guides that ensure successful growing and continuous harvests throughout the season, with garden to cafeteria possibilities.
  • Plants, soil, mulch, seed starting kits, rain barrel, irrigation system, outdoor thermometer and all other supplies needed for one compact garden, with no need to purchase additional materials. 
  • Digital lesson plans that can be accessed from a phone or tablet in the field or classroom. Plans include vocabulary, scripted lessons, garden maintenance, worksheets, interactive videos, and graphics.