classroom microgreens kit

K-12 STEM Student Microgreen Kit – Classroom Bundle

FTF’s K-12 STEM Microgreens Kit is perfect as a take home or in class project. These kits are typically bundled with one of our Table Top Living Labs for students to be able to apply their in-class learning at home. However, these are great stand-alone projects for enrichment, camps, homeschool, or afterschool. Engaging for any k-12 student or adult, one kit provides everything needed to grow hydroponic microgreens. Question, hypothesize, test, analyze, and then eat! All of Farming The Futures growing experiments are edible.   
This is a classroom bundle of 30 student STEM Microgreen Grow Kits. Purchase multiple of these bundles per class period taught.


Lesson Details:

How it works:
These classroom STEM Microgreen Kits are the perfect compliment to one of our Table Top Living Labs enrichment kits. These kits are designed to complement the curriculum of Table Top Living Labs. Students are first guided in class through Questioning, Hypothesizing, Testing, and analying the Teacher led experiments and then get to apply the concepts and knowledge themselves with their own take home grow kit experiment. This enstills confidence and ownership in students, engaging parents along the way. Plus at the end, the students get to try their hard earned delicious and nutrituous snack!
*We recommend using this product link to purchase the kit for classroom bundles of 30. If looking to purchase 1-20 kits please choose our “K-12 Student Microgreen Kit – single”.
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