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Setting Up

Building The Garden
Setting up the Garden
Setting up the Garden pt. 2
Setting up the Garden pt. 3
Setting up the Garden pt. 4
Setting up the Garden pt. 5
Setting up the Garden pt. 6

Garden References

Plant Guide


Introduction to the Program: Starting Seeds
Weather Charts
Let the river run, not the soil
Rain Barrel – Harvest the Rain
Transplanting and Weeding Guide
Parts of a Plant
Sexual Reproduction in plants and trait differences
Making a Flower Model
Is it a fruit or vegetable?
The Water Cycle
Water Use: The story of average jo
Harvesting, transplanting, and seeding
Pollinators and biodiversity
Classifications: recipe for genes
Life cycle of a butterfly
Who turned up the heat?
Harvesting, transplanting, and seeding
Intro to composting
Commercial Agriculture: Corn and you
Building Carbohydrates
Carbon Cycle
pH is the key
Harvesting, seeding, and transplanting
Food Webs
Sprouts in a bag
Harvesting, transplanting and seeding